My goal is to encourage each student to awaken their own particular and personal form of expression. Everyone is
different and we must respect each individual’s expression of beauty.

My first objective is to see the student get a basic understanding of how to use the tools of art. This means mixing and
applying paint; selecting and using brushes; exploring all materials an artist uses: charcoal, pencils, papers, canvas,
watercolors, pastels, acrylic paint and oil paint.

I do not teach a particular style or type of art (such as realism, abstraction, oriental style) I certainly do not teach my
style of painting; but I hope that each student discovers their own style. Each class is spent encouraging student to
explore and find their own creative genius and their own method of self expression.
                                                                         Kyungsoo Lee                  
     Art classes at Kyungsoo Lee's studio/classroom in La Cresta
                                                and at Lee & Lee Gallery in Los Angeles.
Kyungsoo Lee:  Artist and Teacher

Kyungsoo Lee began painting as a small child, displaying a precocious talent for art and, for painting in particular.
She continues today, many years later as she has always done: painting.

She was born, raised  and educated in Seoul, Korea. After Kyungsoo Lee completed her MFA degree,she
immigrated, with her family to California in 1984.

Her paintings are now found in collections around the world; collections of museums, corporations and individuals.

She was named “Artist of the Month” and given her first major one person show at The National Museum of Art in
Seoul Korea in 1989.

Since receiving her MFA in 1983, she has shown in museums and galleries in  Seoul, Paris , Los Angeles,
Stockholm, San Fransisco, Bordeaux, Miami, Osaka, Kauai  and the list goes on....

Kyungsoo Lee has been a teaching Art since beginning the “The Art House” school In Los Angeles in 1984. Many
of her early students are now successful artists, architects and designers.

For seven years she taught drawing and painting at Kauai Community College in Hawaii , and later she taught
contemporary painting at the Los Angeles County Museum Art.   

Today Kyungsoo Lee teaches art class in the Lee & Lee Gallery in Los Angeles and at her La Cresta studio in
Art classes are open to all skill levels-beginner
and experienced. Each student's work is
treated individually based on the student's

Art class prices are $200 for four- three hour sessions
each held once a week. Presently classes are held:

 in Los Angeles 12:30 to 3:30 on Saturdays

 in Murrieta       12:30 to 3:30 on Tuesdays

Contact Kyungsoo Lee :   call 951 304 7943
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